Average Height: 4ft. – 4.3ft.

Average Weight: 125lb. – 150lb.

Habitat: Grassland, Forest

Diet: Grass, Fruit, Veggies

Maggot is another species in the Grubby Family. These creatures grow to epic proportions and can blow a big punch. Maggots aren’t a hostile creature really, but one thing will tick them off, and that is if any Grubby Family species is being attacked. And if you are in the sight of an angry Maggot you better   start running. Maggots have been seen punching trees in half , just to get fruit , and will bring you to justice. This behavior has earned them the nickname of the Grubby Gaurdian. Although if you can outrun a Maggot long enough, they will stop chasing and leave you alone. So there’s that.

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