Average Weight: 63lbs. – 83lb.

Average Height: 9in. – 1ft.

Habitats: Caverns or Underground

Diet: Cave Scum, other Metamites

Metamites have a very hard outer shell, some say that the shell is as hard as metal. Some believe that Metamites develop these hard shells from the minerals in cave scum, but it has not yet been proven yet. Although Metamites don’t have these metal shells when first born, they develop it when it starts to mature. Metamites are very territorial, especially the females because they got to protect their young. They use the stub formation at the top of there head to pound down on intruders and other Metamites. When Metamites attack each other they aim for the face, because it is the one spot not protected by there shells. Metamites also use this same idealology when attacking other armored enemies.

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